The future of Smart Cities.

VITAL is an ambitious R&D programme to develop a prototype application platform that will revolutionise real-time, location-based provision of goods and services in future smart cities, by integrating and interacting with a multitude of different Internet of Things data sources and systems.

VITAL OS is a composition of tools ranging from discovering, monitoring and utilizing resources to create city-wide IoT applications

Governance and Monitoring Toolkit

Governance, Monitoring and Management of the VITAL System. This module allows administrators to configure a VITAL installation and monitor its current status and performance

Development and Deployment Toolkit

A module that provides each VITAL user with a dedicated environment where they can develop and deploy their own smart city applications.


A tool to create new meta-services on top of the VITAL system. This tool is focused on developers that want to expand the platform with new services and use them in their applications

Data Management Service

A VITAL module that is responsible for storing metadata and ICO observations (acquired from connected IoT systems) and allowing other components to query the stored information.

ICOs & Services Discovery

The ICOs & Services Discovery module is responsible for discovering Internet-Connected Objects, Systems, and Services inside the VITAL-OS.

Complex Event Processing

A tool to create CEPs as part of the added value functionality of the VIATL framework. CEPs allows to acquire a better knowledge about the context through the correlation of information stemming from all the platforms integrated into VITAL

Filtering Service

The VITAL Filtering module provides the means for reducing information associated with indiviudal data streams.